How Animation Brings Products to Life

about 1 year agoJune 6, 2019
Thank you so much for recording!
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2019
Slides or some other type of audiovisual support (specially when speaking about animation) would be very useful! Really nice initiative for a series of webinars though!
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2019
I think is a good idea if you guys can show some ideas or live examples during the presentation.
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2019
I very appreciate you for recording such an interesting meeting.
about 1 year agoJune 6, 2019

about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
I was hoping this would be a bit more hands on, with some slides or examples. 
In my role as a digital design in the web marketing team we're trying to create more animations on our marketing website to explain to a visitor what our software can do in a simplified and stylized way. Do you have any info or knowledge on how useful this actually is for a user? It seems like a good idea but there is so much production involved it's hard to know what the cost/benefit is. 

Cool that you guys are talking about this.
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
Thank you for sharing the recording!
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
Wonderful! Will help us in the re-designing of our app Crumblyy.
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
Thanks for recording this. Though I think this was more like an introduction - the discussion on G4s and flash intros brought back some good (some times painful)memories :-). My first job was creating CBTs using Director & Lingo. We've come a long way from there. But GIFs seem to have withstood the test of time. Looking forward to listening to more.
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
Great talk... The animation is definitely becoming an application body language, something that brings a character to it. It is not "don't make me think" anymore, I think now is - let me trust you :). We can gain this trust if we engage the interaction thinking in UX process...
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
Good effort and great speakers. However, I only got through halfway because this is a situation of "dancing about architecture" [trying to describe something inherently visual with words]. I'm not sure if this was covered or not, but one of the most salient problems with animations, at least in my current workplace, is that it's seen as an 'extra added bonus'. Not as integral part of the experience. It's the first thing to get cut out from development by PMs, because it's seen as a nice-to-have and not essential.
about 1 year agoJune 7, 2019
This was interesting to hear I love hearing how physical interactions can close the gap of learning curve users need to understand their goals. I always worry about bringing animation to a project may be pushed to the end like your myth as it seems to be an add on? I am on a journey to hopefully utilize some animation for my company. Thanks for the wonderful talk I'll take this back with me when I look at UI designs. Thank you.
about 1 year agoJune 9, 2019
The topic is good. Been curious about more advanced things you can do with InVision but I definitely expected it to be more hands on so I could get fast tracked instead of starting from scratch :)
about 1 year agoJune 10, 2019
Thanks for the recording,this was useful!
about 1 year agoJune 11, 2019
Love how Pablo is being humble with that Casio, I would've had a Urwerk if i were on the level of these guys ;)

Great fireside talk as always and animation is very important to me, which is why I'm using Principle to add it to my workflow.
about 1 year agoJune 11, 2019
Liked the content but definitely think this is the kind of topic that needs visual aids, exemples and a kind of "hands on" approach. It gets a little hard to focus and understand everything just in a conversation style. 

But still good.
about 1 year agoJune 19, 2019
For those who wanted more hands-on/visual examples: They referenced Pablo's article of "Good to Great UI Animation Techniques." Browsing it while listening definitely enhances what they're saying here:

I also thought the idea of animation being a website's "body language" while communicating to its users is a great metaphor, and positioning it that way might help business owners understand why animation is worth putting into the site as part of the content strategy, instead of just being an afterthought.
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