A Practical Approach to UX Research

6 months agoJune 16, 2019
It would be great to include a transcript and closed captions for the video.
The audio quality is rather mediocre.
6 months agoJune 17, 2019
I would agree with Victor, would be a nice touch especially if audience is unable to play a video, can at least read through.
6 months agoJune 17, 2019
I am unable to access this video.
6 months agoJune 18, 2019
Thanks for this, really enjoyed listening and picked up some great tips to use at work.
6 months agoJune 18, 2019
I agree a transcript would be fantastic.
6 months agoJune 19, 2019
Would love to have bought the book and the lapel pin but the site won't let me proceed as it says billing address doesn't match - maybe Australia is too far away LOL
6 months agoJune 21, 2019
This was great! Love these ideas: 
- Live editing
- Holding workshops where colleagues can interview one another. Any suggestions for topics?
5 months agoJune 25, 2019
Please subtitle, my english is pff :)
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